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Curriculum and Instruction


Saraland City School System employees attended numerous trainings during the summer months and throughout the school year to gain scientific research-based strategies to ensure the curriculum, instructional practices, and assessments for each content area are rigorous and relevant.   

In June and July, secondary teachers attended Advanced Placement (AP) trainings presented by A+ College Ready and College Board. These teachers will continue to attend Pre-AP and AP training sessions this school year. The sessions equip teachers with the strategies needed to teach the Pre-AP/AP curriculum correctly and effectively. The trainings also assist high school teachers in adhering to the A+ Partnership School guidelines. Throughout the school year, middle and high school teachers will collaborate to ensure they are instructing an aligned and rigorous Pre-AP/AP curriculum for the core subjects.  

Also in June, elementary administrators and K-5 teachers attended the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) Science Year 2 training to acquire additional innovative strategies for teaching science. They will continue to participate in training sessions during the school year. The instructional strategies presented in the sessions are designed to bolster student motivation for science and increase content knowledge.   

K-12 teachers, administrators, and central office staff will continue to participate in Global Scholar and Compass Learning trainings to enhance instruction and improve student academic performance. These trainings will assist all schools and the central office in identifying student performance levels, diagnosing skills and concepts gaps, and prescribing individualized learning paths for students.   

The school system values collaborative learning communities as an integral part of the learning environment. Central office personnel, local school administrators, and the instructional partners participate in the Powerful Conversations Network (PCN) and the Instructional Partners Network (IPN) offered by the A+ Alabama Best Practices Center. Also, central office personnel and local school principals attend Key Leaders Network (KLN). In these trainings, participants collaborate as a school system and network with other school systems to obtain information and best practices. These collaborative learning opportunities assist the system and local schools in promoting and incorporating discussion, questioning, and reflection among faculty and staff members. These practices are included in system-wide meetings, grade level meetings, data meetings, faculty meetings, and instructional rounds.

Teachers, administrators, and central office staff members annually attend Mega Conference, conducted by the State Department of Education, to acquire the most current information regarding curriculum and instruction. Moreover, Saraland’s teachers and administrators participate in trainings offered through the South Alabama Research and Inservice Center (SARIC).

Saraland City School System continually strives for academic excellence and is dedicated to meeting the needs of all students. The system looks forward to working with students, parents, and the community throughout the school year to ensure student success.