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Mr. Gus Agee
Transportation Supervisor Email Mr. Gus Agee
Mrs. Linda Agee
Chief School Financial Officer Email Mrs. Linda Agee
Mrs. Debra Bell
Executive Secretary to Superintendent Email Mrs. Debra Bell
Mrs. Melissa Bush
Administrative Clerk Accounts Payable Email Mrs. Melissa Bush
Mrs. Diana Collins, MSN, RN
Supervisor of Health Services Email Mrs. Diana Collins, MSN, RN
Mr. Bud Edmonds
Transportation Manager Email Mr. Bud Edmonds
Ms. Barbara English
Coordinator of Special Services Email Ms. Barbara English
Mrs. Diane Haney
Human Resources Email Mrs. Diane Haney
Ms. Tamika Hurt
Psychometrist Email Ms. Tamika Hurt
Mrs. Kay Johnson
Technology Coordinator Email Mrs. Kay Johnson
Mrs. Lou Schambeau
ESL Coordinator/Attendance Officer Email Mrs. Lou Schambeau
Ms. Kristen Sousa
Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Email Ms. Kristen Sousa
Mrs. Sandra Strickland
Front Desk Receptionist Email Mrs. Sandra Strickland
Mrs. Kim Williams
Instructional Specialist for Federal Programs Email Mrs. Kim Williams