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Saraland City Schools: Non-Resident Student Policy

**** Applications for the 2013-14 school year are now being acceptedNon

Currently, the Saraland City School System is not accepting applications for non-resident student for the 2014-2015 school year.  The applications were due no later than Friday, May 16, 2014.  a

Please call the Central Office of Saraland City Schools for further information.

dmitting students who are not residents of the city.  The policy includes tuition and eligibility requirements; gives specific criteria - including availability of space, academic and behavioral criteria; and the date and time for applying. Full-time employees of Saraland City Schools or the City of Saraland are not subject to the Non-Resident Policy.

Non-resident students must apply by May 31, 2013. Parents will be given notice regarding admission by August 1.  Out-of-district (Non-Resident) students must pay $1,500 per year to attend Saraland schools.  Completion of an application does not guarantee acceptance.

Priority will always be given to students who are residents of the City of Saraland. Superintendent Wayne Vickers states, “I’am going to be very protective of my residents. That is what the tax dollars are for. … There is something about being in a community that supports their schools. … If you want to guarantee your spot in the Saraland school system, the best bet is to move to Saraland.”

Students who were enrolled for the 2012-13 school year under this policy do not need to re-apply.  Each student's performance will be re-evaluated by their Principal.  Acceptance letters will be mailed to the student's home address.  Tuition will be due by July 1, once the acceptance letter has been received.