Saraland City Schools - Demographic and History Profile
Saraland High School
Saraland High School

Saraland City School System opened its doors to students during the summer of 2008. The system is comprised of four schools—Saraland Early Education Center (PK-1); Saraland Elementary School (grades 2-4); Saraland Middle School (grades 5-8), and Saraland High School (grades 9-12). Since its inaugural year, student enrollment has increased from 1,535 to 3,053. Current student enrollment each campus is Saraland Early Education Center - 425, Saraland Elementary School - 650, Saraland Middle School - 924, and Saraland High School - 1054.

Eighty percent of the student population is White, fifteen percent is Black/African American, and the remaining five percent is comprised of Hispanic, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and other races.

Forty-nine percent of Saraland students receive free/reduced lunch.

Saraland City School System employs 305 persons, of whom 198 are teachers. The pupil-teacher ratio is 20:1.