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Resources for Parents and Students
Alabama Association for Gifted Children

Educating and parenting Alabama's gifted children.

Alabama Council on Higher Education Student Aid

Provides helpful information on paying for college

Parent Guide to Special Education

An informative guide prepared by staff at the Alabama Department of Education.

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
Vocational training resources for persons with disabilities.
Alabama Respite Resource Network
" If you are the caregiver of a child or adult with a disability or chronic illness, chances are you need a break."
Alabama State Department of Education

Alta Pointe

Services and resources for mental illnesses, substance abuse, and intellectual diabilities.  (Formerly Mobile Mental Health)

American Speech-Language and Hearing Assiciation
This site contains helpful information regarding speech, language, and hearing disorders as well as a variety of resources for language-based learning disabilities.
Autism Society of Alabama

Dance Mat Typing

Free keyboarding practice for children in grades 3 and up.  Great for children with fine motor needs.

Easter Seals Achievement Center
Vocational resources for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
Independent Living Center of Mobile

National Association for Gifted Children

National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children

This site provides fun, educational games and activities for children with a focus on basic literacy skills.
The World of Math Online

Provides math resources for students in all grade levels (K-12).

Resources for Teachers
Alabama Course of Study - English Language Arts

Extended Standards - Reading

Alabama Course of Study - Math

Extended Standards - Math

Alabama Course of Study - Science

Extended Standards - Science

Alabama Course of Study - Social Studies

Alabama Course of Study - P. E.

Alabama Course of Study - Art

Preschool Curriculum Standards
Draft of preschool standards.
Speaking of Speech

Contains a materials exchange and other great resources for a variety of special populations.